Monday, October 25, 2010

The Quiet Sniffle

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from or where you’ve been.  It doesn’t matter if it’s your first or your twenty-first deployment.  At some point in your tour, you will spend at least one night crying in your room hoping your roommate doesn’t hear you.  It’s just a fact, something that’s bound to happen.  And when you’re laying in bed with your laptop smoking under your fingertips and you pause your typing because you think you hear sniffling from the other side of the room, anyone who isn’t an asshole will understand that his/her roommate is just having one of those nights.

A few days ago I was blogging, content with my own form of escape when I heard my roommate sniffling.  She’s new, only been here a whole week.  Newly married.  Young.  Sweet.  And already having the Skype fights with her hubby (Skype connection sucks in our room so it’s kinda weird that she wouldn’t just type-fight).  If I’m in the room while they’re arguing (and she usually tries hard to keep herself calm but I can still hear the sadness in her voice), I either leave or just put in my earphones and play some music so she can have some privacy.  I usually just remind myself that she’s in a new marriage that is facing its first deployment.  It’s tough on young couples.  So I shrug it off and not ask any questions.  But when I heard her sniffling, I felt really sad for her.  It sucks crying alone after a long distance fight.  They can’t even get the chance to kiss and make up.

Tonight, I walked in and noticed her eyes were puffy.  I told her that if she needed anyone to talk to, I’m here for her.  I figured she’s in a new place with new faces and dealing with relationship drama all by herself.  She could use a friendly shoulder.  She was very sweet at thanking me.  Maybe in time she’d open up.  Even if she doesn’t open up to me, I hope she’ll find a way to cope with the situation.

I’m thinking of getting her a small care package.  Maybe a bear or something sweet to hug.  I told her she could borrow Gizmo if she wanted, half-jokingly stated but if it would help, I’d lend him over in a heartbeat!  She declined.  I’m gonna have to get her a stuffed animal.

One of the toughest things you face on your deployment is the darkness, the silence, and the prayer that your roommate doesn’t hear you sniffle when you’re having a rough time.  I’m going to make it a goal tonight to order her a stuffed animal to hug.  Everyone needs a deployment comfort.


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