Wednesday, October 20, 2010

JT the Sweetheart

On the camp, I'm surrounded by tons of ... men.  Women here are just not that many.  Personally, I think it's a good thing.  Haha!  Not that I don't like being around other women, it's just that most women are catty by nature.  We're emotionally charged.  You put a bunch of us together and you get:  the drama queen, the slut, the loner, the innocent, the bitch, the weird chick, and the one we all hate- the two-face.  You put us all together and this is what happens: The first week, everyone clings to each other.  The second week, people figure out which one of the above mentioned categories each other is in.  By the third week, all hell breaks loose. 

The drama queen talks shit about the slut because she's getting all the guy attention.  The two-face is best friends with the slut but she secretly admires the drama queen's in-your-face methods so she talks to both of them about what each of them have said about each other.  The weird chick doesn't give a crap about the drama except for times when she needs entertainment and she'll watch the show just for fun.  Usually the weird chick is pretty damn cool and gets along with most of them until one of them crosses the line.  Anyway, the bitch picks on the innocent for fun but slaps the shit out of the two-face who is her rival enemy.  Meanwhile, the loner talks to herself about all of them and prides herself on being better than the rest of them, yet secretly longs to be one of their friends.  Oh and the innocent wants everyone to love each other and usually gets emotional that everyone's fighting.

My favorite is the weird chick. 

Anyway, I say all that just to emphasize why I like hanging with the guys.  They have far less drama and usually their things are - who's the biggest asshole and who has the biggest dick.  I can tolerate that type of drama.  It's still retarded but just not as complex and annoying as the women's issues.

So anyway, in the People blog you'll find me talking mostly about guys around here because 1) I hang with them and 2) they greatly outnumber women so I come across them more often.

All right, tonight's People blog is about a guy named JT.  JT is the boy next door.  Sweet, American boy.  Everyone loves him.  He's always friendly.  Remembers people's little details.  Just an all around nice guy.

The first time I encountered JT, it was because he needed to borrow my office projector.  He knocked on the door and came in looking like a Ken doll.  Such a nice smile, so polite while he asked for the favor.  It wasn't a problem and I told him when I needed it back.  He was very appreciative.  I just got such a nice feeling about him.  Have you ever been around a baby and just felt a little happier inside?  It's kind of like remembering that the world has beauty.  Just a really cool feeling.  Well, that's how I felt when I first met JT.

One day, I was walking towards my office and he was passing by when he stopped me and said he had something for me.  He pulled out a pack of cigarettes and said that in one of the outstations, there's a little store where he uses the bathroom and he always feels bad if he doesn't buy something if he uses their bathroom.  So he bought a pack of cigarettes even though he didn't smoke.  I guess he remembered I was a smoker, so when he saw me he remembered the cigarettes.  It wasn't that he gave me a pack of cigarettes that humbled me (although that was very sweet of him), it was the fact that he would buy a pack of cigarettes just because he felt bad if he didn't buy something from a store he visited just to use the bathroom.

Anyway, I just wanted to write about JT so that one day I could read this blog and remember that there are some really nice people in the world.


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