Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Making Deployment Comfortable

When you get deployed, you usually bring the basics:  gear, PT clothes, shower shoes, hygiene products, feminine products, DVDs, laptop, iPod (or whatever you use for music).  Then you get there, get assigned your tent/room/bay.  Whatever it is, it's not home and it's not pretty.  And you're going to have to stay there for the next 6 months or so.  But just because you're deployed it doesn't mean you have to suffer entirely!

I'm halfway through my deployment and I've got to say that I absolutely love my room.  It feels like I have a my own little corner of the camp that I can hole up in and not be depressed.  I got a couple of care packages from my mom and a couple of friends.  They were wonderful!!  My mom sent some nice clothes, my girlfriend sent a bunch of candy, books, and feminine products, and my best friend sent me tons of music and funny videos.  Care packages do wonders for you when you're far from home.  But you can't depend solely on other people providing you with comforts.

I went online to Walmart and did some online shopping.  They deliver to your deployed location, thank goodness.  I ordered a bed sheet set for $20 which includes comfortable sheets, pillow cases and a really sweet comforter.  A buddy of mine gave me a couple of red flourescent light bulb covers so my side of the room has an awesome dark cave-like feeling.  I printed pictures of my kids and dog and posted them all over my walls.  I even have a little Gizmo stuffed animal.  I also bought a couple of pretty scarves that I hang on my walls.  So now my little deployment room is a dimly lit cave that offers serenity and comfort.

When my bed set came in, someone teased me, "You're only going to be here for 6 months and you bought a bed set?!"  My reply:  "It's going to be a great 6 months sleeping in something comfortable!"  Just because I'm deployed it doesn't mean I have to live like it.


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