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In my blog you'll come across the main characters quite often.  To help you stay on top of who's who I've decided to give a list of names and who they are in my life.  To protect everyone I talk about, myself included, all the names have been changed.  


J Shine: Me, I have a whole About Me page so I won't go into it here.

Caden: My awesome older son of 7 years old, wild child.  Coolest kid in the world. Had his first nose bleed at 2.5 years old and didn't even cry! 

Sean: My sweetie pie son of 5 years old.  My little darling with the rosy cheeks and dimples.  Bats his eyes when he's being naughty.  And he NEVER cries without tears, so he always gets the "Awww" reaction from ya.

X:  Father of the children.

Jerry:  Brother #1, quiet and collected.  Tough skin, he makes it hard for people to get in.  Loyal, reliable, sweet. 

Dana: Wife of Jerry, a strong and independent woman with a heart of gold.

Paul:  Brother #2, social butterfly.  Super fun and loving.

Cheri: Wife of Paul, quiet and comes across as hard as a rock but she is a true sweetheart.

Jerome & Cora: The boys' grandparents and parents of X.  I thank God for them.

Patrick: Previous dating partner.  Even though we're no longer dating, we actually have a nice friendship.

Lynn: Wonderful friend who completely has my heart.  One of those friends everyone should have.  And when you're deployed?  She'll send you tampons, candy, and naked men playing cards.  She's crazy.  I love her.

Special Agent M:  My most recent friend on the list of "Wonderful People".  If you have someone like M, your life is complete.  When you're getting a tattoo done, he will play with your hair to distract you from the thousands of needle pricks!! 

Melissa: Another awesome person I met on deployment.  Fantastic animal-lover who seems to have the same heart as I do.  She's goofy, kind, fun and beautiful.  

Charlie:  Our old dog whom we had to rehome because he hated the apartment.  :(  But don't worry, he's in a fantastic home with a wonderful family.

Bruce:  Our bloodhound, catahoula leapard dog mix.  He's extra sweet and even has a blog, fiction book-blog, and Facebook page dedicated to him and all shelter rescues.  Check out Just Keep The Dog, Seeking Dog Lover, and the Facebook page .

Sammy, Squish, & Carrot:  Our ferrets-- the coolest pets evar!  Besides Bruce of course...