Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I hadn’t Skyped my kids in a while.  The time difference and schedules make it hard to do.  And then whenever I do Skype with them, I don’t ever want to end the call.  And it makes me want to hurry up and get home. 

Usually, Caden is a busy kid with lots of things to do.  At 3, he’s got toys to tend to and colors to learn.  So chatting with Mommy is fun but only for a short while.  Except for today.  Today’s Skype session has totally put me in a different place.  It actually made me decide that I’m going to really make time to set aside whatever I’m doing and Skype with them much more often.  Maybe twice a week, so I don’t interrupt their evenings too much.

Today, Sean laughed a big laugh when I made lots of kissy faces.  And he kept saying “Mommy!” with so much enthusiasm that the word sounded more like a celebration.   Friggin adorable! 

Caden and I talked about … everything.  He showed me flash cards and told me what shapes and colors were on the cards.  He talked about his airplane.  I got to show him the toys I’m sending them.  Oh and I also showed him pictures of Charlie.  And we danced, too.  LOL  And then the question came: 

“Mommy, can you come and meet me?”

I told him that I’ll come home soon.  And the interrogation started:  “Mommy, can you get me?”  “Can you come home from work?”  “Mommy, are you going to get me?”  It broke my heart seeing his little eyes looking sad.  I told him that I have to work for a little while longer and that I’ll be home after Christmas.

And when it was time to go, he said, “No! I don’t wanna say bye bye.”  “Mommy, I don’t wanna get off the phone with you.”  His eyes filled up with tears and I saw his face turn red.  His frown tugged at my heart.  When my brother told him I had to go back to work but I’ll talk to him again, he really started to get worked up. 

Ugh.  I hate being away from them.  And I hate that he has to ask me to come home from work.  I hate that he was so sad when it was time to end the call.

I miss my kids.


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