Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Care Package!!

You ever have that friend who knew just what you needed?  He knew your favorite treats, what melted your heart and what brought you light.  I have just a few of those, which is pretty damn lucky of me.  Well one of those is M. 

This morning was pretty rough.  If you read the Skype blog, you know I was pretty sad.  I was pretty weepy during lunch.  But this evening, I realized God knew I was going to have one of these days.  So he aligned things in the right places and times to ensure I remembered that HE remembers me.

My boss and I were in our office when someone knocks on our door.  One of the post office workers stood there and told us that we had mail.  I’m thinking, Yay!  Another care package for the troops!  The second part of me was thinking, Crap! Now we have another box to go through and make sure we have enough space in our office to put it before we send it out to the camp.

When we got there, two big boxes awaited us.  One was addressed to me.  I looked at the sender’s info and saw that it was from M.  My heart just melted.  I didn’t care what was in the box.  Just the fact that it came on a day that I needed a little ray of sunshine was enough for me.

I opened it up and as I unpacked everything (he is very meticulous about making sure things got to me safely, friggin awesome), I couldn’t believe the care package he sent me.  It was a total surprise and I felt like a queen.  And with the morning I had, it was as if M never left-- he was there for me on a day I needed a smile. 

 This is every deployed girl's dream care package!

 First, he remembered I love red nail polish for my toes.  Second?  This manicure kit blows my cheap one out of the water.

I. Am. A. Junkie.  For all of these.  Earl Grey and French Vanilla coffee creamer?  He remembered my favorites.  Ladies, you need a man like M.

Friggin sugar scrub, body butter and body wash.  Loofa, travel mirror, lip balm, HAIR TIES, and cleanse wipes.  Genious.

Scented candle and a happy wall piece.  I'm obsessed with making my room more like home.

Smart deployment must-have-- wrinkle remover!  Helpful especially for business trips.

And the all-time stress reliever and target practice aide:  The Nerf gun!!!

My favorite thing in the box is a coin.  In the military, one of our traditions is trading and collecting coins.  It's usually done as a form of remembrance and honor.  He sent me his unit coin.  I'm a huge collector and this one will be at the top of my rack.  It means so much to me.

M, if you ever read this, thank you so much!!  Your heart is such a gift to the world.  I wish you were here!


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