Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Really? Am I Going to Miss Anything Else?

Let's just put all the great things on the calendar while I'm gone so I can miss them all.  I'm missing Thanksgiving, Christmas, both my kids' birthdays and now I'll be missing my brother's wedding.

Oh great, I was trying really hard not to whine and there I go starting the blog with sounding like a baby.  I intended on making this a happy Yay Congratulations post!  But apparently not.  I guess I'm just a little bummed tonight about it because I was expecting to miss the just holidays and birthdays.  I wasn't taken by surprise with that.  Apparently it isn't enough.  I get on Facebook, chat with my brother's really sweet girlfriend and find out that she's about 6 weeks pregnant and they're getting married this weekend.  What the hell else am I going to miss?

My dear friend, John, is feeling sad because of the distance.  The time difference is insane.  I can't just pick up the phone and call him anytime I want.

Patrick is hard to get a hold of because of the same thing.  And he does manual labor.  He doesn't just have his phone on the ready, waiting for my phone call.

And lately?  I've been craving some good Chinese buffet style food.  And real ice cream.

Okay okay I can't do it anymore.  No more ranting.  I'm done.

Oh and I want to play with my dog.  I miss my Charlie too.

Okay.  That's all.  Promise.


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