Wednesday, November 24, 2010


John's Girls
If there was ever a person whom I could have no words to truly describe with words, it would be John.  He is musical, funny, intelligent, animal-loving, faithful, caring, jeez I could go on and on.  He is just amazing.  He is the one who would call you up the morning of your birthday and actually SING Happy Birthday to you.  And sound amazing.  Another thing-- he is so passionate about things that most people even think about or take for granted.  If you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting him, your life just wouldn’t be the same.

I won’t go into how I met him, as that is not as important as how my life has changed because of him.  He reminded me of things I’ve loved and have had passion for that I had forgotten a long time ago.  Kind of like walking in a friend’s home and smelling fresh baked cookies and it reminds you of how your grandmother made them every day after school for you.  It wasn’t the cookie—it was the love between you and her.  John did that to me.  He brought to life all the reasons I loved the things I love and made me realize that they hadn’t died, just been stuffed in a closet for a long time.

I remember a night when I was really feeling alone.  Tired.  Stressed.  Sad.  And as if I was going through my troubles all by myself.  I hadn’t even relayed the depth of the sadness I felt to him, I think I just mentioned it in a text to him earlier.  But I laid in bed that night, hours after I had texted him, and I just stared off into space.  Feeling alone.

It was really late.  I was just falling asleep, totally beat down inside.  And the phone rings.  When I answered it, it was John.  And he barely even bothered with small talk.  He went straight into telling me how wonderful I was and started naming all the things he admired about me as a person.  And I sat there, just listening with tears crawling down my cheeks, as he told me that I’m never alone.  I am a wonderful mom, a beautiful human.  And although I felt alone as I lay in my bed, I had a friend a thousand miles away whom I could always count on.  Someone who loves me and someone I could trust.

I will never forget that night.  I am so grateful that he is in my life.

My prayer for you is that you have a John in your life. 


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