Thursday, January 16, 2014

Wednesday Night Outing

What a night.  Talk about emotional roller coaster.  

Whole Foods
So we had never been to Whole Foods before and I needed to stop and get some meat.  I absolutely fell in love.  This place had so much healthy food!  Grass-fed, non-hormone injected meat, organic chicken, everything.  They even had a fantastic deli with excellent service.

While looking for some premade meals at the deli counter, one of the staff asked if I needed help.  I explained that one of the kids was dairy-free and that I was just looking at the ingredients of all the meals.  He immediately called one of his co-workers over and that guy came to my rescue.  He identified each item that had no dairy product in it.  He was even patient enough to entertain the boys who went crazy telling me which food item they wanted.  I picked out a twice  baked potato, a small bowl of sesame-cucumber noodles, and a double breasted chili-lime chicken.  When he handed me the items, he told me that the chicken was on him.  How sweet!  I wanted to hug him!

I grabbed a couple of those recycled, cloth shopping bags and was amazed that they were only 99 cents.  At the base commissary, I spent $4 on each of those! 

After the grocery trip, I took the kids to eat at Ihop.  I know, I know-- why do that when I just boughtt groceries.  Welll, it was already 7 p.m. and I didn't want to spend more time cooking dinner when I could just go to Ihop for a quick breakfast-dinner.  

At Ihop, our young male waiter was super cool.  He joked with the kids and was verry patient when Sean showed him what his toy robots did that was so spectacular.

While ordering our food, Sean decided to interrupt me and tell the waiter, "My mom doesn't have hair on her legs anymore because guess what!  She got LAZERED!"

The waiter laughed.  My face turned beet red.  And Sean...sweet, innocent Sean. 


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