Sunday, January 26, 2014

I'm Doing Fine

I am a single mom of two boys. 
There's no father in the picture.
It's just me. 
I'm all they have. 
And the questions people ask me.
"Who will teach them to be good men?"
It's me. 
"Who's their male role model?"
"They need a father figure."
Well that's me too. 
I'm okay with being just me. 
I've had to do it by myself for years. 
I've been blessed when it could've been worse. 
Why is it not okay for the people who ask the question?
My boys are happy. 
They are smart. 
They are brave. 
They hold the door open for women. 
They scrape knees and climb trees. 
They beat up bad guys when they play. 
They roar. 
They sing. 
They dance. 
They fight. 
I am a single mom of two boys. 
And I'm doing just fine. 


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