Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dry Needling

It sounds weird, I know.  So I have arthritis in my back and neck. My physical therapist did manipulation, electrical stimulation, traction, stretching and strengthening exercises. I'm on pain and migraine meds. It has all, except for traction, helped. But the pain doesn't really stop. It's ongoing, always there. Some days it is dulled out and some days it triggers days-long migraines. It sucks but I've gotten used to it and I've learned to be grateful for the good days. 

I stopped going to physical therapy last summer. I got busy and pushed it aside. I took my meds and did my stretches and all that. But I let life get in the way. Yesterday, I went back. 

I have a new physical therapist and today we tried dry needling.  It's like acupuncture. He stuck needles in my neck and back, wiggled my muscles a bit and left them in my body lol. It wasn't too bad but it wasn't comfy either.  My muscles contracted involuntarily. I felt tingly all in my belly, lower back and forearms. And I broke out in a sweat. That's when I realized maybe I was going to pass out. 

But I didn't. Thank friggin goodness. I wasn't stressed about the procedure. I was relaxed. I couldn't understand why I was feeling all clammy.  The doc said it was my body's flight or fight response. Go figure. I didn't think I'd be able to withstand three large tattoos and not a few minutes of a few needles in me. 

Anyway, he said that I should feel relief after 24 hours. And boy did I. There still a small spot of the normal pain in my neck but everything else feels so good. I am amazed! My range of motion is great and I feel like I have an almost new upper back. 

I go back in a week for another session. Let's hope I don't get all tingly again. 


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