Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Gym-Time Wednesday

So I only get to hit the gym on Wednesdays... and that's because we have group PT and we've been doing individual PT, I get to do my own personal work outs.  I still work out 6 days a week but being able to go to the gym is such a bonus!

Here's today's workout:

Warm-up jumping jacks (Yeah, let's get this on!  Woo hoo!  I'm gonna build me a butt and some nice thighs)
Warm-up arm circles (Woo hoo!! I'm at the gym!)
Warm-up burpees (I HATE burpees.  But yay I'm at the gym!)
Stretch (Here I come, sexy body!  I'm gonna get you!)
50 squats (That last ten was a little tight)
30 squats (Whoa... do it for the butt!!)
20 squats (I can do this... I can do this)
30 squats (Ouchhhh...DO IT DAMMIT)
5 slow squats (Feel the friggin buuurrrrnnn)

30 seconds rest (Yay I did it!!  135 squats!  Boo yah!  My jeans are gonna hate me)

40 sit ups (Yay!  Since I've had my kids I've neglected my belly)
38 crunches (Yikes... that was a little tough but manageable.  Made sure to keep my form.)
33 second planks (Was gonna go for 1 minute but let's stick to the workout plan, shall we?)
20 push-ups (I really don't like push-ups.  I really don't.)

30 seconds rest (Okay, so I need more belly work.  And my push-ups suck but I think it's because I did 135 SQUATS YEAH BABY!)

40 sit ups (Get that belly in shape.  I can do this.)
10 TYIs (This is where I lean my belly on a balance ball and do 3 different styles of supermans.  My upper back is gonna get in shape!)
30 Russian twists (Okay I'm tired.)

10 minutes Elliptical set to butt toner! (I ran out of gym time, but was really enjoying this because I got to watch Judge Judy while burning my butt and legs.)

I'm pretty happy with today's workout!  The other 5 days are spent doing the squat challenge and abs challenge.  I feel pretty good that I'm at least doing something, but I sure do love the gym.


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