Saturday, May 4, 2013

Coconut Salmon Dinner

Tonight's dinner was fantastic! It's one of my favorites.
I usually don't do a whole lot of precise measurements when I cook. I just go by taste, so if you make this and you're a stickler for measurements, try to go by taste just once and take note of how much you end up using!

You will need:
Green onion
Zucchini or squash
Olive oil
Can of coconut milk
Lime juice
Red curry paste
Cayenne pepper

Don't forget to cook your jasmine rice!

Dice half an onion.
Sauté it in olive oil and some minced garlic.
Carefully lay the salmon down. Be careful not to smash it or break if apart.
Season the salmon with salt and some garlic powder.

Brown the salmon evenly. Turn it only once.

Pour the coconut milk in.
Squeeze the lime juice over the pan.
Put in half a teaspoon of cilantro.
Drop in about 2 teaspoons of curry paste.
Stir it all up around the salmon. Then gently fold the sauce over the fish.

Add chopped zucchini and half a chopped onion.

Cook covered on medium high until the zucchini is both firm and tender.

Serve with jasmine rice.


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