Monday, September 2, 2013

Das Boots! 1 Sep 13

Labor Day started off funny this morning.  First, Bruce decided to chase bunnies on his morning walk.  The bunnies around the apartment are hilarious.  They aren't scared of anything and when Bruce chased them, they ran until he was at the end of his leash and then they just sat there staring at him.  I just know they were laughing. 

We're going to stay home today and clean the apartment.  The boys are happy with that as long as I let them out to play.  Then we'll be doing grocery shopping... if anything is open on Labor Day.  So in summary, we're not doing anything special but we're happy with that.

Bentley's Back
Bruce ate Bentley's food (Bentley is back for a week) and Bentley got all mad and stayed in the kids' room.  Poor guy.  He's probably thinking, "I HATE that guy."  Then Bruce sulked around the living room because I scolded him.

Movie Review
The kids and I watched Epic, which is an AWESOME movie.  I just love it!  The graphics were beautiful and the characters were great.  Ronin, the commander of the leafmen, is my favorite.  Beonce did a great job in her Queen character, too.  And to be honest, after watching this movie, I found it a little hard to step on the grass. 

Ferret Story
So, we're cleaning the home today.  The ferrets will be released and free to terrorize all as soon as the cleaning is over.  Well in the living room and dining room anyway. 

I've learned that putting a baby gate up to block off the kitchen only keeps the dog out.  The ferrets have found a way in.  Squish and Carrot squeeze their little bodies through the gate and Sammy climbs over it.  I can't win.

Highlight Story
Last weekend, my brother took the boys to a playground.  Caden sat on the spinning seat and spun and spun and spun.  Until he got sick.  He walked around like a drunken zombie and had to lay in my lap until the world stopped spinning.  Shade and water helped.  And then he got back on it again.  Crazy kid.

School has been a little rough for Caden.  He had a friend named Dante who attended the summer program with him.  They were inseparable.  Well, Dante doesn't attend the Before And After program at the Youth Center, so Caden hasn't seen him since summer ended.  Needless to say, he has not been wanting to go to the Youth Center and he doesn't want to go to school.
Nobody Plays With Me
The Youth Center teachers and I have been spending time talking to him about making new friends and adjusting to change.  It's been a week and so far he's been feeling better about it.  He talks about all the cool things he gets to do in school.  So I think he's gonna be just fine in time.

As for me and college, my class is going very well.  I got a 92% on my quiz.  I was disappointed because I got a 100% last week but I guess I'll just have to get over it.  I have a Forensic Discipline paper due this Sunday, so I'm researching and outlining.  I have to choose a discipline that interests me.  I'm going with Forensic Anthropology, which is the study of skeletal remains.  This field tries to identify the remains and possibly cause of death.  The kicker:  It requires a friggin PhD.  That is discouraging because I'm 32.  By the time I get my PhD I'll be out of the military, retired, and ... older.  I'll have to find a way to get over this one.

What's Happening On Facebook

Since I don't have my own horse and have decided that for now I will live my horse dreams vicariously through others, I follow Equipped Equine.

I follow Hiking Colorado for great information about the trails and mountain climbing around here.  This incredible pic was shared by them from  From The High Country.
What I'm Reading
When I was a teen, I just loved Christopher Pike's books.  One of my (and my lovely sister's) favorites of the author's books were The Last Vampire.  I downloaded it from Barnes & Noble.  Well, on my day off last week, I took a stab at reading it again and I have to say I had a little giggle about it.  The writing is a little on the amateur side.  However, it is still entertaining and I'm glad I bought it.  I love reading old books I used to love!
At five thousand years old, the vampire Alisa thought she was smart enough to stay out of trouble. But when her creator returns to hunt her, she must protect herself by befriending Ray, the boy who may be her only chance at finding her maker. When she begins to fall in love with Ray, all of a sudden there is more at stake than her own life. Originally published in 1994, this series netted more than 500,000 copies as individual titles and later as bind-ups. This hot new repackage will revive the series for today’s teen.

Writing Highlight
I used to write a lot more.  Lots of my stuff were dark, though, so I think it's a good thing I'm not writing as much!  My work can be found by visiting  For now, here's an oldie I did years ago:

Empty Promises
I passed you on my way to the daycare again.  My light turned green and I took the left, under the overpass.  The sky was gray and the traffic was as heavy as it normally was at five-thirty in the evening.  Impatience filled the streets.

I always expect you to be there, under the overpass.  My eyes always seem to seek you as soon as I get under.  And there you were.  Salt and pepper beard, so thick it reminds me of a dirty Santa Claus beard.  Like a beat up, crusty Santa Claus.  Covered in a dusty old olive-green jacket and some torn jeans, I see you shiver in the cold.  You stare at the cars as they pass you by.  Well, I don't know for sure if you're staring at the cars or just staring.  Deep in thought, inside yourself.

Like yesterday, the day before, and the days before then, I asked you in my  head, "Why do you live there?  How did you let yourself become a victim to the world in such a way?  Why can't you get a job?  Have you tried?  Will no one hire you?"

I asked you these things as I drove past you, wondering when I'm going to give you some spare change.  I never carry cash.  But if I had some, I'd ... what would I do?  Would I pull over under the overpass?  Would I really hand you money?

As I passed you, I focused on the traffic and fought my way to the right lane.  Trying to beat everyone else so  they don't cut me off first.  I forgot about you then.  I drove down the street and found myself at my son's daycare.  He filled me with warmth when I hugged him after missing him all day.  Little arms wrapped me around my neck as a tiny voice squealed "Mommy!"  He was the best part of my day.

On the way home, I passed you again.  This time, my toddler pointed at you from his car seat.  "Bye bye!" he called as he waved at you.  You didn't see.  Or maybe you did, but you were too cold to smile.  Too hungry to wave.

Next time, I thought in my head.  Next time I'll stop.


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