Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Das Boots! 2 Sept 13

Today’s Blurb
Wow.  I have been having a heck of a time waking up lately!  I suck in the mornings.  So my alarm rang at 0430 and I was thinking “Wow, okay, let me get up at 0445 so I can get the day started nice and calmly.”  Nope.  It was 5 til 0600 before I jumped out of bed in a mad dash to getting the kids up and the day started.  So much for calm.  I don’t go crazy, though.  I remember going nuts once and I felt really bad because I was actually mad and the kids didn’t do anything to cause it.  So I apologized to them and told them I was really mad at myself because I woke up late.  After that, I always let them know if I’m in a hurry but I don’t take it out on them.  The boys are such good sports about it. 

On the way to the base, Caden told the car in front of us, “Come on, car, don’t you know my mom will be late?”  Lol.  I laughed and told him, “It’s okay, Caden.  It’s not their fault I’m running late.”  Then Sean said, “Well Mommy, is it YOUR fault?”  Sigh.

Then I got to work (right on time, which is late, right?) and made it to our first-day-of-the-week 0730 meeting.  Somehow I was able to spout off a list of agenda items for the week as if I had been thinking about it all morning long.  I almost patted myself on the shoulder for appearing all smart and on top of things.

Then I had coffee and spent the day typing away.  I even had a chance to make some creative side notes during a long meeting.  At the end of the day I rushed off to the dry cleaners to drop off some uniforms.

The first day of the week is always a bit hard, isn’t it?

Kids And Their Words

Yesterday, I was doing homework on my computer in the living room while the boys were busy building Transformers and creating fight scenes.  Well, Sean really really wanted to show me what he was doing.

Mommy, look, Optimus tore this bad guy’s arms off!
Aww (obviously engrossed in homework)
No, Mommy, it’s not “Aww”
(Turning to look at him)
It’s not “Aww” because the bad guy is a bad guy.
Just because he’s a bad guy doesn’t mean he’s bad… guy.  (My Wreck-It Ralph moment)
No, Mommy.  It’s not funny.  He’s really a bad guy and Optimus just tore his arms off.  So it’s like this:  Yeah!  Go Optimus!

Movie Review

The latest movie craze in my home right now is Van Helsing.  A little much for young kids, I know.  But that was a lesson fail on my behalf.  You see, Sean came up to me with the movie in his hand (he dug through the DVD binder) and told me he wanted to watch it.  I told him it was scary, and he said he wouldn’t be scared.  So I thought I won when he ran away during the opening scene.  Then he ran away during the Mr. Hyde battle.  Then he ran away during the were-wolf scene.  And then… Dracula’s brides came.  And they looked lovely.  He particularly liked the blonde that said, “Too bad, so sad,” in her sexy Transylvanian accent.  And Sean was hooked.  He quickly got over his fear and now he wants to watch the whole movie over and over again.

If you’ve seen the movie, you know it rocks anyway.  But, seriously?  Do boys really start that young?
Random Pic From My Camera
If you haven't noticed, I just love coffee.
I know as I get older, I will have to cut down.
But it makes everything just right.
Work bosses are tolerable.
Gossipers are ignored.
Life is good.
Highlight Story
We were at McDonald’s yesterday.  It was just the boys, a 1 yr old and a little girl.  Well, Sean decided the best way to entertain a 1 year old was to repeated run across the room and crash into a wall, dramatically falling down onto the floor.  I swear I wasn’t on drugs when I was pregnant with him.  The floor at McDonald’s scares the life out of me.  But that 1 year old sure did have a blast.  As did Sean – I think he just needed an excuse to go crazy.

Current Obsession
For years, I’ve had the Trail of Painted Ponies on my shopping list on Amazon.  I’ve never bought one because I’ve never been able to justify spending almost $40 on a decorative horse.  There’s always something else that needs to be bought.  But The Children’s Prayer Pony showed up on Amazon and I just fell in love.  It’s beautiful.  And he is sitting on my bookshelf at work right now.  I’m so happy I got him!

Featured Song
I love country.  I just do.  It’s romantic.  It’s fun.  And it’s just plain country.  Trace Adkins is a friggin country genius.  This song, Hot Mama, just makes me feel… like a woman.  What can I say?  Check it out—Moms, it’ll really make you smile. 

Featured Book
Silent To The Bone by E.L. Konisburg
This book captivated me from the very first page.  It is easy to read, but man is it deep.  It is about a teenaged boy who is accused of harming his infant sister to the point of putting her in a coma.  His best friend, Connor, doesn’t believe he did it but the boy is not talking.  It is a very touching book even in its simple words. 

Here’s the Amazon review:

What happened on Wednesday, November 25, 2:43 P.M., Eastern Standard Time, to cause Branwell Zamborska to become mute? All anyone knows is that he called 911 because his baby sister, Nikki, had stopped breathing, and when he was unable to speak to the operator, Vivian, the English au pair, came on the line to say that Branwell had dropped the baby and shaken her. His best friend, Connor, begins visiting him at the juvenile behavioral center, where he has been sent while Nikki remains in a coma at the hospital. Working out a code they both can use, Connor begins the long process of trying to communicate with his friend to find out what really happened. With the help of his own half-sister and some canny detective work, Connor uncovers a complex, multilayered tale of human desires, adolescent confusion, and a touch of menace.

In The News
From CNN

Painting bought as part of $46 job lot is a Constable worth $390,000

So this dude bought a cardboard box full of junk for $46 at an auction.  One of the items in the box was a tiny painting.  It hid in his drawer for, like almost ever, and well.... he finds out it's worth more than $390K!  It's a painting done by John Constable.  What the friggin heck.  I'm definitely picking up yard sale shopping again.

Money Saving Tip
Use a calculator while you shop!!  When you have a constant eye on how much you're spending, while you're spending, you become very cautious about your money.  I've cut my grocery bills in half just by doing this.  You'll start to really ask yourself if you really need what you're putting in that cart.  Or if you really need that brand.  Lots of store brand items are just as good-- and you can choose to go with a name brand item if it really means a lot to you.  But seriously, bring that calculator.  Try it.  I'd love to know your thoughts after you do!
Random Opinion
Facebook Isn't Everything
Would you say privately to another Facebook friend something you posted on Facebook?  I know, I know.  Ponder that one for me. 
I've been guilty of posting a rant about something another Facebook friend posted on their page.  I didn't use his/her name.  I didn't call them out.  But I knew damn well that if he/she read it, they'd know I was talking about them and if they confronted me, all I would say is, "No not you."  We all do it.  But I lost my friendship with someone because we both disagreed with each other about something and we both posted our opinions on Facebook as if we were debating without talking to each other.  Once I lost her friendship, I realized my childish mistake. 
It is a common behavior when it comes to social media.  So many people fall into this mindset that just because we're behind a computer, we can't be held accountable for our actions.  But we're wrong.  If we truly love and respect our friends and family, we need to stop.  If we want to be credible, we need to stop.
If you have a problem with a Facebook friend, confront them privately.  Otherwise, it's almost another form of bullying.  Actually, I think it IS a form of bullying.  Calling people out on Facebook without using their names is cowardly.  It makes others feel sorry for you and rally to your side and get you to feel validated, but that other person wasn't even given the opportunity to resolve the issue.  You have brought others into your two-person conflict.  The more I write, the more I do believe it is bullying.

Look, I love Facebook.  I'm all over it!  It is a wonderful way to connect with family and friends.  It's a quicker way to share pictures and precious moments.  It's a way to watch your nieces and nephews grow from afar.  But it is not everything.
Like I said earlier, it is not a good way to vent about things another Facebook friend is doing to you.  If you have a problem with that person, handle it privately.  By putting that on Facebook, you let everyone else know -- and not only do they not need to know, they are put in a really uncomfortable position of trying to console you without getting involved.
Facebook is not a good way to pick on your friends about why your beliefs are right and theirs are not.  Everyone has a right to their own opinions, beliefs and values.  These things are part of their character, it is who they are.  Why take that away from them?
Facebook is not a good way to seek therapy.  Your friends and family love you.  And it is good to ask for advice.  But if you continually post drama and don't take advice, it comes off as attention-seeking and people get tired of trying to take care of someone whom they really can't help.  If you really need help, seek a therapist.  They really do help!
I'm not perfect and I slip up too.  But I believe I have grown from making these mistakes.  And I really hope others do too.  If we truly want happiness, it is in our own hands.  We can change our lives.  Others cannot do this for us.
I guess I'll end this on an inspirational note with a quote from Thomas Chalmers:
The grand essentials of life are something to do, something to love, something to hope for.
Goodnight all.
Combat Boots Mama


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