Wednesday, January 16, 2013

4 Year Old Shots

Mommy I don't want the shot to go IN my leg I just want it to go ON my leg.

No Sean. It has to go IN your leg. Through your meat!

Caden don't talk about it. You're scaring him.

Mommy it'll go like this- pook! And I'll go like this Ow ow ow ow ow!!!!! And it'll break my heart!

But Mommy I'm not scaring him. I'm telling him the truth. The needle goes through his meat!


So Monday Caden overheard the front desk clerk at Sean's daycare tell me that Sean is due for his 4 year old shots.

So Caden spilled the beans as soon as he saw his brother.

It is the topic of the week. And poor Sean keeps trying to convince me that the needle shouldn't go IN his leg. It should go ON his leg.

So I told him that since he's getting big kid shots he gets to pick out a small toy after. And Caden isn't liking that idea at all.

Caden's plan is to scare Sean enough that he won't get shots so he won't get a toy. Well... That's what I am suspecting anyway.


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