Saturday, December 1, 2012

Birthdays and Brothers

Sean's birthday is coming!
He will be four.  I can't believe it.
While talking about a birthday party, Caden expressed concern.
"Why can't I have a birthday?"
"I want to have presents too."
"I can't eat cake because I'm allergic to milk, remember?"
"I'll never have a birthday."
"If he has a party, I'll be sad."
Sean said,
"Caden, you have a birthday too!  And we'll have a party!"
"Caden, you can have one of MY presents."
"Mommy knows how to make no-milk cake because she's AWESOME."
"We can share my party!"
"But I'll be sad if you'll be sad."
They fight a lot.
They get in trouble together.
They tell on each other.
They promise to not be friends if they tell on each other.
They take each other's toys.
They make up with hugs.
They hide from mom together.
They say they're sorry.
They promise not to tell mom.
They share toys and play together.
They love each other and hate each other.
In the same hour.
Sometimes in the same fifteen minutes.
They will always be there for each other.


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