Friday, April 26, 2013

Back On It

Whew.  Yesterday's rest day was awesome!  But getting back on it today was a little ... tough.  Here was today's workout:

70 squats (Holy crap, my legs were a little tight at 60)
23 sit-ups (Felt like somebody stabbed me in the gut)
7 crunches (I love that crunches are wayyy easier than sit-ups)
15 seconds planks (Wayyyy better than the 1 minute I did the other day)
12 push ups (Not too bad, although for my PT test I'm supposed to do about 48 so that's not saying much)

After we did this small workout, four of us went to move some choir risers.  Carrying risers SUCK after a week of crazy squats.  I can't wait to do more exercises tonight.


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