Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mommy Sells Books Now

In Kindergarten, 100% of the children are reading.  Parents are excited and involved in their children's progress in developing learning skills.  I get super excited when I catch Caden trying to put the letters together to make a word.  We read one book when we get home from work and school and right before I start making dinner.  Then we read another one before bed.  This is normal, healthy parent-child activity.  Most children are active readers even through the next couple of school grades.

But research shows that the 100% of child readers drop dramatically down to 54% once they enter the fourth grade.  When they enter the eigth grade, only 30% of children are active readers.  In their senior year of high school, 19% are readers.  As you can see, after the fourth grade less and less children read at home.  So what happened in the fourth grade?  What stopped?

Some of you may respond by saying that when children hit the age of 9-10, they stop reading and start getting into other activities like sports.  Some may put the blame on video games.  And some may even say the kids at that age just aren't interested in reading.  I think that sure, all of those may be true.  However, there is a common denominator.

If you remember that 100% of kindergarten readers, think about how and when they read.  They don't do it on their own, remember?  Their parents read to them and as the children get better, the parents read along WITH them.  Well, once children are able to read on their own and the school teachers are taking over with guiding the kids into more advanced reading, parents tend to take a step back.  And what happens once you're comfortable with something?  You tend to stop worrying about it... and you become less involved with the maintenance of it.  Well, this is what happens to reading in our homes.  This is why 100% of the children who read drops to only 54% once they finally grasp the concept of reading.  It's time to keep your foot in the door-- don't step away. 

The National Research Council states, "There is strong evidence of a relationship between reading regularly to a child and that child's later reading achievenment."  Research experts predict that in the new millennium, math and reading illiteracy may impede three quarters of American adults chances to obtain any but the lowest paying jobs.  It is time to promote the continuance reading in our children's lives.  We don't have to read TO them like we did when they were in Kindergarten.

Reading together is a wonderful way to bond with our children.  Make it a special activity between you and your child.  Sharing your thoughts about the recently read book is a way to get to know each other as people and not just mom and child.  Reading is important for your child--it should be important to you.

I learned about Usborne Books & More from a friend of mine who hosted a party.  The enthusiasm of the consultant about her books made me interested in the company and when I got to hold and flip through the pages of her display books, I instantly fell in love.  Usborne publishes books so that they are appealing to children of all ages by using vibrant colors, texture and even multiple types of binding so that they offer sturdiness that can stand up to wear.  After receiving a few books I ordered at the party, my childhood love for reading came back to me and I decided to help my own children by promoting literacy.  I became an independent consultant. 

I just started, so I'm not quite successful yet.  However, I didn't do it for the money.  I did it for my family.  Please support me on my journey by checking out my website and consider ordering some wonderful books for your young ones.  If you'd rather start your own journey, I'd be really excited to get you some information on joining Usborne Books & More.

I can't wait to get to know you!

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