Sunday, February 6, 2011

Progress ... and A Visitor

I'm feeling a little proud of myself today.  I've been making a dent in the storage room so I've been a little more motivated.  I do quite well filling my little SUV until it's about to explode.  This last trip, I got to cram a bookshelf, a few big boxes, a couple of large stuffed animals, the frame for my bed and more in just one load!  Not bad for not having a truck.

Oh!  And I was able to lift that bookshelf up nineteen steps all by myself!  I was a little proud that my 100lb self could do it.  Ha ha!  I rock.

It is annoying having a bunch of empty boxes in the place as I unpack things, but I know that in time I'll get it all straightened out.  What I thought was super cool was that I was smart enough to store almost EVERYTHING.  I super-sealed a box of my spices and seasonings!  I also don't need to buy toilet tissue, paper towels, trash bags and all the little things you usually have to buy when you move.  Heck no, I even have dishwashing detergent!  How awesome is that?

It would've been perfect if I could've been able to store frozen food or even if I had ordered from Angel Food Ministries so that I could pick up the groceries as soon as I got a place.  :)  Ah well, It can't all go perfectly, right?

In the midst of all this moving, I was afforded the pleasure of having a surprise visitor.  Last night, Charlie and I went to Sonic for some coffee.  After getting out of the car, we headed up the stairs and out of nowhere came this cat!  It ran quickly up the steps at Charlie's side.  When I opened my door, Charlie ran in ... followed by the cat.  I stood there, stumped.

It went inside and started rubbing its little body all over the place!  Charlie tried to play with him but Charlie is a big dog who is more like a giant puppy, so when he plays with other animals he can be... overwhelming.  So the cat swatted Charlie on his face and Charlie decided to follow him around instead.

Now anyone who knows me knows what a sucker I am when it comes to strays.  Heck, Charlie was a puppy about to be surrendered to the humane society!  Now almost two years later, I won't shake him off.  So, this cat couldn't have chosen a more perfect sucker.  But.  I am in the process of moving, haven't even brought my kids into the home yet, PLUS Patrick is allergic to cats.  I could not keep this cat in my home.

So, before I let him get comfortable, I had to put him back outside with a towel by my door so he wouldn't get too cold.  Of course he had already wandered off by the time I peeked outside to check on him.  This morning, I asked a neighbor about him and she said he belongs to another tenant and just roams the place.

So, to sum it all up, I've been having a very progressive move.  So progressive that someone's cat decided to try to move in with me like I wouldn't notice.  And I found that I could lift something like a heavy bookcase up my stairs without any help.  So it might get even better tonight and tomorrow!


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