Sunday, February 6, 2011


What has two thumbs and would rather lie on the floor of an empty living room complaining about moving than to actually get to moving?

Me.  J Shine, that's who.  Wahhh.  I don't wanna!!

Ugh.  Okay, so I've been back and forth to the storage unit loading and unloading boxes and filling my brand new apartment with them.  I've been doing it.  But oh how I hate it!  I'd rather lie on my couchless floor and stare at the ceiling, mad that I have to do it in the first place.  Can't I just hire people to move for me?

Oh yeah, I looked around.  The cheapest I found for hired help is $420.  Yikes!  Patrick keeps telling me that he'd help me, but he lives 3 hours away.  I think it's pathetic of me to have my boyfriend drive 3 hours to come help me move and then have to drive 3 hours back home so he can get back to work. 

But he would be free help.  Hmmm.  Might have to rethink this.

I've been searching Craigslist for a couch set.  I found a really pretty cream colored leather set- couch and loveseat.  For $275.  And guess what!  They live two buildings away from me!  The only thing I needed was for a lovely apartment neighbor who drives a truck to drive it from one building to mine and then help me carry it up the stairs! 

So I spotted some people moving in, using a U-Haul truck.  I offered them $25 if they could just drive the couches from the one building to mine and help me move them.  The guy said, "Sure!" and said he'd be back in a few.  I told him I'd be back because I wanted to get some money out to pay for the couches and for his labor.

I drove just across the street to the ATM, got money out and drove back.  3 minutes tops.  He and his U-Haul were gone.  They were nowhere to be found!  I couldn't believe it! 

So being out of a truck, I had no way to get the couches to my place.  I couldn't expect the seller to carry it with me down the sidewalk-- it was too far a walk and it's cold out.

What a jerk.  I should've put on some makeup and something cute. 

Anyway, so now I'm just spending my days moving stuff into my apartment and searching for a couch set that a seller would deliver to me!  Please please please keep me in your prayers!


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