Sunday, December 26, 2010

Daily Bible Reading Plan

A couple of ladies and I decided to start a bible reading group.  Wherever we were in our bible reading, we wouldn't stop our progress but we would all stick to one new reading plan so that every time we met, we would all discuss what we learned.  It's meant to add to and not replace, our growth with God.  After our first meeting, I was so excited and relieved to have someone to share my faith with!  I felt really connected with people who had love for and given their lives to Christ.

To help me learn from and retain what I read, I've decided to start a reading journal.  In the journal, I'll describe the overall chapter(s) and what we ladies have discussed about it.  I'll also talk about my feelings and/or experiences relating to what I've read.

If I wrote a journal on the reading, it'll be linked in the list below.  I'll try to post them as often as I can!

Daily Bible Readings

Day 1:  Creation and Temptation
Genesis 1-3

Day 2:  Remembrance
Joshua 1-5

Day 3:  Prophecy
Psalms 1-2

Day 4:  The Test
Job 1-2

God's Sorrow and Judgment
Isaiah 1-6

A King is Born
Matthew 1-2

Paul Reminds Us About The Law
Romans 1-2

Commitment and Faith
Genesis 4-7


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