Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What the World has Seen

I got this in an e-mail from a friend today. I think it deserves to be given out. It is beautiful.

Ladies - below is an a poem by a young woman named Katie. Her husband was stationed here but he returned back to the states when Katie took her life. Her husband, who shall remain anonymous, sent me Katie's poem (he discovered it after her death) and asked me to share with it with as many people as possible. Please feel free to send this out to anyone you wish. The husband has given us his consent. I found the poem moving and even caught glimpses of myself.

What the World has Seen
I've been told I was "invincible,"
Also, I "Manipulate."
Yet some have even declared
that I was their "Soul-Mate."
It's been said that I'm "Mysterious,"
and then a "Prophetess."
When a butterfly landed on me,
I was told I that I "Was Blessed."
"The Epitome of a Great Girl"
was written long ago.
It has since been retracted,
yet I've been told that my "Eyes Glow."
"Selfish, Cold and Heartless,"
but then "Sincere and True,"
And when things fall to pieces,
I've been told that I was "The Glue."
I was once called "Miss Diamond"
after "A Diamond in the Rough."
Though said that I'm "Pathetic,"
I have since been told I'm "Tough."
"Guardian Angel, Guardian Devil,"
and a "Ghetto Superstar."
I'm "Overly Opinionated"
and "Unusual" and "Bizarre."
A reverend with moral lacking,
once referred to me,
as "The Light of the Lighthouse,"
and declared my spirit "Free."
I used to be called "Darlin,"
but I became a "Trophy Wife."
And though I've been a "Genius,"
I'm also a "Wasted Life."
A joke was once apologized for
due to the presence of "A Lady."
My company just laughed and said,
"You just don't know Katie."
I've been called a "Crazy Bitch"
I've been called a "Whore."
And to those who've tried,
I'm "Impossible to Ignore."
"I'm always nice unless provoked."
Yet I "Deceive and Lie."
Those who don't know me well
have even referred to me as "Shy."
"You cannot knock her out."
Though I've nearly been defeated.
Even through my "Brick Wall,"
I've still let myself mistreated.
I may just be "Difficult to Love,"
But I've also been witty.
And to some I have been
"Consumed by my Self-Pity."
I've been called "An Oracle,"
I've been called "A Trip."
I've been called "White Trash,"
And I've been called "Unfit."
If I'm "Difficult to Love,"
how am I "A Warrior for my Cause."
I've been told I'm "Perfect,"
As well as "All my Flaws."
Some say that I am "Scrappy,"
but defend those who "Need it Most."
I've been called "A Gypsy,"
And I've been called "A Ghost."
But sometimes I wonder,
If maybe one was able to see clearer,
if I am nothing but their own,
"Reflection in a Mirror."


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