Thursday, January 14, 2010

Too Many Toys!

Every parent experiences the land of toys in their home. Over time, these little critters crawl through our front doors in forms of gifts, donations, garage sales, or hand-me-downs. And they never leave! So many of us moms think, "Aww, but Aunt Jenny sent that for Sam's first birthday. I can't throw it away." Well, we don't have to! Moms, don't throw toys away. There are plenty of ways to reduce the mountain of childhood clutter and noise-makers.
If you really feel like your child will never play with certain things again (infant key rings and outgrown bicycles, etc.), please donate these to your local Salvation Army or Goodwill. There are so many families in need and they could certainly use some toys for the little ones.
Another way of getting these things out of your house is to do a garage sale! Make some lemonade or hot cocoa (whichever the weather influences you) and let the kids sell them for five cents a cup. Kids love feeling needed and they adore the sense of ownership they'll gain from being given responsibilities. Let them help you put price tags on your items. If they're way too young for that, get another mom to hang out with her kid(s) so they can play while you manage your sale.
If you aren't into or just don't have the time for garage sales, you can take pictures of your items and post them in online classified ads. is a popular website or you can google your city and see if you can find an online yardsale site for it.
A parenting coach taught me something new just recently. She said to box up half of the toy collection and put the box in your garage, attic, or wherever the kids won't normally go snooping around. After a month, have the kids open the box and watch them grin at all the "new" toys they have! Make sure to box up the other toys that you left out a month ago. Rotate the toys every month. This will not only keep your home neater, but it will keep your kids from getting too bored with the toys they already have. Plus-- you can save a little money on toys. :) Do it as often as you like.
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