Saturday, May 3, 2014

I Was A Ninja, Really!

The boys were having a deep conversation today while I was driving. 

Sean: That car is going faster than us.

Caden: Yeah but we beat that white car. 

Sean: But that truck with the black falcon on it is getting faster!

Me: Black falcon! But I defeated him!

Caden: What?

Sean's face is showing disbelief. 

Me: I defeated him when I was... a ninja. 

Sean: A ninja?

Caden: No you didn't mom. 

Me: I did.  I didn't have a sword though. I had nunchucks. (Quick nunchuck super moves with sound effects)

Sean laughs. Caden stares at me through the rear view mirror. 

Caden: I can't believe that. 

Me: I was a cool ninja.

Sean: Whoa.

Caden: Well that truck passed us mom. 


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