Monday, September 3, 2012

Cheap Fun

Yesterday was awesome. The boys and I were outside from 0930-1230. We played with silly string, bubbles, and wrote on our patio floor and out apartment fence (shhh, don't tell) with sidewalk chalk. After a good crockpot chicken lunch, the boys were ready for more outdoor fun. But it was HOT out. Soooo... What's a mom to do?

A few weeks ago I bought a couple of jump ropes for the kids. I didn't realize til I unraveled them that they were the super long ropes. So yesterday I used them as imaginary laser beams. Then I took a couple of our hula hoops and put them on the floor by the laser beams. Voila!! Indoor friggin obstacle course.

We had fun seeing who could get through the course without touching anything but the floor. Caden decided that jumping over the laser beams was too easy so he said we had to crawl under them. Easy for them!

By the time we were done I had two kids so tired that they put themselves to bed for their nap. :) After nap, we worked on art and alphabets. This was an excellent way to have a fun filled day without worrying about the bank account.

2 jump ropes: $3 each
2 hula hoops: $4 each
2 bubble sets: $1 each
3 silly string cans: $1 each
1 pack sidewalk chalk: $1 each

Total: $20 with $15 of it a one-time expense so that leaves $5 actually lost for the day. Not bad!!


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